B Heart


Bheart was born from the idea of crossing the line between a scarf and a necklace, to play with the weight of the wood or embroideries and the movement of the silk. This idea evolved in to a easy-going collection of printed scarfs, released in series of 6 or 7 every tree months.
They are produced in small numbered editions and sold either directly by us in our e-shop or by carefully selected retailers.

The first series, released in april 2011 combines black and white bold graphics, in a tromp’loeuil of crushed and teared paper and palm tree forests, (guilty pleasure?) sometimes revealing colorful designs underneath. The embelishments this series integrates wooden chains or wooden black and white balls, that remind bubbles coming out of the fabric, they have also the function of giving weight to the scarves, inventing a new way or wearing it.

The second series, released in July 2011 brings more palm trees and wooden chains but this time the focus are on colors that are brighter and all over the place. It is all about fun and the tongue in cheek humor of the poodles and other hidden animals in the forest.

Most of the pieces were designed to be different depending on how you fold them, and the leather embroidery gives weight and a new dimension to the prints

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