Absolutely Pom


“AbsoluteluPôm is an invitation to stroll through a world of pure glamour and freedom, filled with surprises! Pôm’s creations of fine lingerie, delicious ready-to-wear and new forms are an evocation of modern female icons, rooted in a world in constant movement”
A multifaceted universe in which to draw on the freedom to create!
Absolutely Pôm is a bold new lingerie line that combines vintage and modern allusions, softness and precision. These beautiful undergarments become veritable designer ready-to-wear clothes.  The first, astonishingly creative Absolutely Pôm collection appeals to glamorous, active women who love life for the spontaneous surprises and passions it inspires in them.
Expressing unparalleled creative liberty, the charming, seductive collection sparkles with audacity and vitality, playing harmoniously with abrupt changes of fabric and style and wrapping every woman in a revealing sensuality. Weaving between fine lingerie and ready-to-wear, to be concealed or brazenly displayed, the Absolutely Pôm universe offers items that espouse the body, perfecting each woman’s femininity and curves.
It is the illustration of a very French kind of femininity: a strong-mindedwomanwhoiscomfortablewithher body, elegant, resolute and passionate, wholives life to the full as herdesiresdictate.

Pôm’s lingerie is first and foremost the lingerie of an urban adventurer, a proactive city-dweller who is curious about everything and wears her lingerie underneath or over her clothes, hiding it or displaying it like a ready-to-wear garment.
The countries she has visited, the encounters that have shaped her knowledge of the world and the atypical images offered by this world form the fresco of her insatiable inspiration. Immersing herself in a variety of cultures has forged her skill and her conviction that work must be done well to be beautiful.
Naturally intuitive, passionate about finely worked aesthetics and excited by architecture, painting and graphics, Pôm now reveals the first collection to bear her signature. Inventive and lively, modern and comfortable, the collection illustrates the sexy and casual freshness of Parisian women and makes every woman feel she has a little something extra, a touch of originality, reminding her that she is constantly at the heart of the action, but at the same time protecting her most sensual and intimate side: her exuberance

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